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Sik FireJuice 4

SiK understands and quells our backward-compatibility frustrations with the FireJuice 4, a converter cable for older four-pin FireWire connections.

SiK Firejuice 4

Want to use an iPod but your computer has only a four-pin FireWire connector? The SiK FireJuice 4 is your solution; the cable lets you create a connection between your iPod and a four-pin FireWire port so that you can sync songs. Since four-pin cords don't carry current for juicing up your player, the FireJuice 4 also has an open port where you can plug in a six-pin FireWire cable that connects to a different source, such as a wall outlet or a car charger. The version we looked at works (like a charm) with only older-model iPods that have FireWire ports, but SiK makes a cable with a dock connector as well.

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