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Signature oven has plenty of style plus connected smarts

Clad in lots of steel the Signature Slide In Electric Range boasts expensive looks and app-connected smarts.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
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A luxury kitchen appliance brand wouldn't be complete without a high-end oven. Filling that space in the new Signature kitchen suite of products, unveiled at Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2016, is the $4,999 Signature Electric Slide In Range. Crafted from durable stainless steel and equipped with sturdy metal knobs, this 30-inch stove is designed to imitate the look of commercial and premium built-in appliances.

Made to make an impression

Just like the other appliances in the Signature lineup which includes opulent built-in refrigerators, premium dishwashers, and cooktops, the Electric Slide In Range is designed to impress. Indeed it's clear the Signature brand is targeting the same well-heeled customers who have a particular weakness for prestigious appliance labels such as Subzero, Wolf, Viking, Thermador and Jenn-Air.

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With an emphasis on reliability, build-quality, and just plain toughness, all Signature Kitchen Suite products sport an extravagant amount of stainless steel, smooth surfaces, sharp angles and a rough and tumble industrial aesthetic. The Electric Slide In Range is no exception and features a long steel handlebar for its large 6.3 cubic foot capacity oven. Designed for easy access, the handle also opens with a smooth, gliding motion.

Smarts packed inside, too

In keeping with a big trend at KBIS this year, many of the Signature Kitchen Suite products including the Signature Electric Slide In Range will also boast the ability to communicate with smartphones and tablets via a dedicated mobile app (both iOS and Android) and over your home Wi-Fi network.

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The Signature line ranges will come in your choice of gas and electric models.

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Besides essential safety features such as confirming the oven is off from remote locations, the system will stay in contact with what Signature calls its Kitchen Concierge service. Supposedly the service will automatically keep an eye out for trouble and alert you if it spots maintenance or mechanical trouble. Besides expensive looks, Kitchen Concierge is another indication that Signature would love to push today's premier brands like Subzero aside since much of their mystique and extra cost includes VIP white-glove customer support.

Coming soon to local shops

You'll definitely have to wait a spell before outfitting your home with Signature products. While these high-end units will likely hit the market in "early 2016", the first batch of hardware will arrive exclusively at Pacific Sales retail outlets located in Southern California. The people at Signature claim, however, that they plan "a broader rollout later in the year." Also keep in mind, Signature has gas versions of the Slide In Range in the works, as well as wider 36-inch sizes.