Sharp LL T17D3-B review: Sharp LL T17D3-B

MSRP: $499.00

The Good Inexpensive; built-in speakers; analog and digital inputs.

The Bad Clunky design; so-so image quality; limited adjustment options.

The Bottom Line The LL-T17D3 is an affordable if mediocre LCD option for home users who want 17 inches of screenspace and embedded speakers.

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6.2 Overall


The Sharp LL-T17D3 is fairly inexpensive for a 17-inch LCD, but you get exactly what you pay for. The LL-T17D3's clunky, black 1-inch bezel is standard issue, from its tinny-sounding embedded speakers to the cheap-looking, square picture-adjustment buttons lining its bottom edge. The base is a sturdy, trapezoidal shape designed so that the display panel sits low--almost flush with your desk--and it can't be raised. On the plus side, you can tilt the display 20 degrees back and 5 degrees forward and the base swivels 45 degrees to the left and right. The LL-T17D3 is also compatible with wall mounts or a standard &siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=ex&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Evesa%2Eorg%2Ffdmipr%2Ehtm" target="new">VESA arm. You can't rotate between portrait and landscape mode, however; consider the HP L1925 or the ViewSonic VP191b if that's important to you.

The LL-T17D3 is Mac and PC compatible and has both digital and analog inputs, although it ships with only an analog cable. Sharp includes an audio cable for connecting the speakers to your computer's sound card and provides a headphone jack in the bottom-front bezel. The onscreen menu is a bit tricky to navigate, and we were confused by the pairing of contrast and black-level controls on one screen and brightness adjustment on another (usually, brightness and contrast are together). The LL-T17D3's image quality is fine for basic productivity and Web work. The focus wasn't as crisp as we like to see in an LCD, however, and the display didn't reproduce subtler shades of color or gray very well. Sharp offers a standard three-year parts-and-labor warranty.

The Sharp LL-T17D3 is a decent, low-cost LCD, but if you need top-notch image quality for a low price, consider a 15-inch LCD with a better picture, such as the Samsung SyncMaster 151S.

CNET Labs DisplayMate Tests  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
CNET Score  
Samsung SyncMaster 172N
Formac Gallery 1740
CTX S730
Samsung SyncMaster 172MP
Sharp LL-T17D3
NEC AccuSync LCD7V
Brightness in nits  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Measured with the Sencore CP500  
Samsung SyncMaster 172N
Sharp LL-T17D3
CTX S730
Samsung SyncMaster 172MP
NEC AccuSync LCD7V
Formac Gallery 1740

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