With most of the attention placed on Sharp's new 4K hybrid Quattron Plus at CES 2014, it's easy to overlook the fact that the company actually has a fully-fledged 4K television.

Sharp's top of the range TV offers a true 4K panel with four 60Hz-compatible HDMI inputs. Given the dearth of native 4K content, Sharp's UD will upscale regular programming to 4K using its upscaling engine.

Given the price and size it is disappointing that the UD won't come with any form of local dimming -- especially as Sharp's 2011 premium set, the Elite Pro-X5FD, was so good at it. But making an LCD behave like a plasma tends to make it even more expensive.

The company has also upgraded its Smart TV platform to SmartCentral 3, which comes with a content recommendation system and Miracast streaming from smartphones.

The UD will come in two sizes: 60 inches ($4,999.99 and 70 inches ($5,999.99). Sharp says the 2014 range will start shipping from February on.

Other specifications include:

  • Active 3D with two Bluetooth 3D glasses included
  • THX 4K Certified
  • TV/Web split dcreen