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ShareBuds MX Twin Stereo Earphones review: ShareBuds MX Twin Stereo Earphones

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The Good The ShareBuds MX Twin Stereo Earphones include two sets of earbud integrated into one unit; they sound OK and fit comfortably.

The Bad The cords of the ShareBuds have a tendency to get tangled if you don't wrap them up carefully when not using the headphones.

The Bottom Line If you're in the habit of frequently sharing your headphones with friends and family members, the Sharebuds are an intriguing concept, though they're a bit overpriced.

5.5 Overall

What do you do when you only have one iPod and one set of headphones, but you and a friend want to listen at the same time? The common solution is for each person to take one bud and listen in dreary mono. Sure, people do it, but it's just doesn't sound good.

Well, Mida Interactive has taken the dual-listening experience to a new level with its ShareBuds MX Twin Stereo Earphones, which offers two pairs of earbuds integrated into one product. The good news is they fit comfortably (you get three rubber tip sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large) and sound OK. While they're not going to blow you away with rich tonal qualities or tight, deep bass, they deliver sound that measures up to what you'd get from basic soft-tipped earbuds that cost around $25. So, in that sense, the ShareBuds aren't a terrible deal at $39.99. Alternatively, of course, you could buy two sets of earbuds and a cheap $2 headphone-jack splitter for dual-listening, but the ShareBuds are clearly designed for serial music or movie sharers.

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