At MWC, more multitasking smart LEDs from Sengled (hands-on)

A new GU10-shaped Boost LED is the latest smart light in Sengled's lineup.

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BARCELONA -- Sengled was a smart standout at January's Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, with a variety of connected bulbs designed to do more than just light up the living room. Now, the Shanghai-based manufacturer is at it again, with a new GU10-shaped version of the Wi-Fi-repeating Boost LED joining the portfolio.

Aside from providing 350 lumens of brightness, the Boost LED is designed to extend the range of your home's wireless network, with a built-in Wi-Fi repeater that promises to eliminate Internet black zones. Just pop the bulb in and pair it with your network using the Sengled app on your Android or iOS device, and it'll begin working its Wi-Fi magic, even when the bulb is switched off.

Watch this: Sengled Snap puts a camera in an LED bulb

In addition to the new GU10 version, Sengled plans to release A60, PAR38 and BR30 versions of the Boost LED, with light outputs ranging from 470 to 1,000 lumens. There's also a new version of the Sengled Boost with a bulb that's clear, not coated. Boost costs £40 in the UK an AU$129 in Australia (around $65).

Also on display in Barcelona were the rest of Sengled's offerings, including the security-minded Sengled Snap, which features a built-in camera and microphone. Like the Boost LEDs, the Snap's still "coming soon" -- if you're looking to buy in now, you can purchase the Sengled Pulse or Pulse Solo LEDs, which have built-in speakers capable of streaming your music in stereo. A two-bulb master and satellite Pulse kit comes in at $170, AU$349 or £149, with additional satellite bulbs costing $80, AU$169 or £64 each. The Pulse Solo costs a little less, at $60, AU$129 or £48 per bulb.

The rest of the Sengled lineup on display at CES 2015. Ry Crist/CNET

Setting the extra functionality aside, Sengled LEDs are dimmable through the Sengled app, but, like most smart bulbs, not compatible with in-wall dimmer switches. No major third-party partners or integrations have been announced, though nothing's been ruled out, either.

The new GU10-shaped Boost LED draws a max of 9 watts to shine its light and boost your Wi-Fi, and glows at a soft white color temperature of 2,700K, same as the rest of the Sengled lineup. Availability is yet to be specified, but we'll be keeping our eye out as the year progresses.

Editor's note July 15: Added UK prices.