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Seagate Replica review: Seagate Replica

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MSRP: $129.99

The Good The Replica backs up the entire contents of a Windows PC hard drive, operating system, and all; simple setup; restoring a system is easy; step-up 500GB model offers option for backing up multiple PCs.

The Bad Only backs up your entire system; you can't selectively move files on and off the drive; no Mac support; supplied USB cable is unusually short.

The Bottom Line While Seagate's Replica will seem silly and restricting to those looking for a flexible external storage option, others will welcome the singularity of its mission to back up your entire Windows PC.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 8

Seagate's Replica drives are designed to do one thing and do it simply: back up your entire Windows PC. They literally make a replica of your system, operating system and all.

The Replica comes in two configurations. The entry-level $130 250GB Replica is geared to single PC backup, while the $200 500GB version comes with a dock and is capable of backing up multiple PCs. (The dock is just a plastic housing that mounts the drive vertically; it still needs to be connected to PCs one at a time while backing up.)

The drive itself is fairly compact, measuring 5.61 inches high by 3.99 inches wide by 0.72 inch deep and weighing 0.57 pound. For whatever reason, the supplied USB cable is unusually short, but you can replace it with any standard mini-USB cable. The cable hardwired to the dock, meanwhile, is a two-headed model. That lets it get the proper amount of power from some laptop ports, but it also means that it might require you to sacrifice two ports rather than one.

We put the multi-PC Replica through its paces in our labs, pairing it with the HP Touchsmart TX2z laptop. The initial backup takes a while--a little over 2 hours in our tests--and if you have a PC loaded up with lots of files, it will take even longer. (To be clear, the Replica is not for Macs, which have their own built-in Time Machine software for backing up your system to a standard, Mac-formatted external hard drive.)

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