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The Good The SDI iHome iH36 is attractively designed, decent sounding kitchen audio system for your iPod. The system features a retractable iPod dock; FM, TV, and weather band radio stations; and a built-in clock and cooking timer. It works with dockable iPods and the iPod Shuffle. A remote is also included.

The Bad The included remote offers only limited control of your iPod--you'll still need to use the scrollwheel for most functions. There are no bass and treble controls and no AM reception. Mounting the system requires drilling holes in your cabinetry. And the dearth of an auxiliary line input means it only works with iPods.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for an iPod-friendly audio system for your kitchen, the SDI iHome iH36 certainly fits the bill.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

In 2005, SDI Technologies had a surprise hit with its iPod-compatible clock radio, the $99 iHome iH5. Expanding on that success, the company has a new line of iPod-dockable audio systems, which includes the $149 SDI iHome iH36, a clock radio that's designed to fit under a cabinet in your kitchen.

For better or worse, the first thing you have to be willing to do is drill four holes in a cabinet to mount the iH36. A template makes it easy to drill holes in the right place, and while we didn't go to the trouble of mounting the system, the process seems straightforward enough if you have the requisite tools. The obvious advantage is that it saves you precious counter space.

Overall, the iH36 is a pretty well designed product. It's attractively styled, and both color schemes--it's available in all white (iH36W) or silver and white (iH36S)--should match up well enough with most modern kitchens. One nice aspect of the design is the retractable iPod dock, which slides out and tilts down at the press of a button on the iH36. To make sure that your particular iPod fits snugly in the drawer, you get three different inserts and a rubber pad; it should work with any dockable iPod.

We're also happy to report that iPod Shuffle isn't excluded from the party--there's a USB port on the iH36's underside that accepts the iPod Shuffle. However--and unfortunately--you can't attach any old USB thumbdrive filled with MP3s; the system recognizes only the Shuffle. It's also worth pointing out that the iH36 will not control your Shuffle. To play songs, you have to use the buttons on the Shuffle. (The iH36 may very well work with the just-announced "money clip" second-generation Shuffle, but because that model's USB jack is at the end of its docking/recharge cord, it'll be a less elegant solution than that offered by the all-in-one form factor of the original first-generation Shuffle.)

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