Quick Take: At first glance, you'd think this was just another Wi-Fi networking card from SanDisk, but upon closer inspection, you'll find something pretty amazing: a whopping 256MB of memory. The $129.99 card is the first to offer this combination, and it expands the capabilities of PDAs and their limited storage space. It supports Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices with an SDIO slot, but Toshiba Pocket PC owners should be aware that only the e405 and e805 are compatible with the card. The other models lack the appropriate software to support it. Setup and installation are handled through a wizard, and you can choose which driver to install: Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, or Windows Mobile 2003. You'll then need to perform a soft reset. After inserting the card (which sticks out approximately an inch from the device to acquire access points and has a tiny LED that illuminates when Wi-Fi is on), SanDisk's Wi-Fi utility installs itself in the Settings menu, where you can turn wireless on or off, check signal strength, set security settings, and more. Also, since Wi-Fi tends to drain your handheld's juice, it's nice to see SanDisk designed the 256MB Wi-Fi SD card as a low-power device in order to optimize battery life.