Samsung Z540 review: Samsung Z540

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The Good Stylish. Responsive. Comfortable to use.

The Bad Short battery life.

The Bottom Line Stylish design, a slim form factor, zippy performance, and great ergonomics help make the Z540 shine.

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7.0 Overall

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Samsung's brilliantly designed Z540 is one of a bevy of slim flip phones to hit the market, capitalising on the massive success of Motorola's RAZR V3. The Z540 measures 9 cm by 5 cm by 2 cm and closely resembles the Motorola offering. Being both slim and wide, it fits easily into a pocket, luggage or handbag. In fact, the Z540 is currently the slimmest 3G phone on the market.

The style-conscious will appreciate the jet black colour palette with matching buttons and a pale blue backlight. The design is understated and will look as comfortable in a corporate boardroom on a Tuesday morning as at a nightclub on Friday night.

Given that Samsung has managed to nail the form factor, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company has done a similarly good job with the features and performance.

One of the criticisms of ultra-small phones is that they are relatively difficult to talk on. The clamshell design allows the phone to resemble a full-size handset when open, and positions the earpiece and microphone perfectly for conversation.

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