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The Good 3G in a slim package. Lovely looking display. Satisfyingly springy slider. Can save battery power easily by switching to non-3G.

The Bad Disappointing Web browsing. No memory card included. Glossy surface prone to smudges.

The Bottom Line A good choice if you want a phone for work days and weekends, as long as you're not fussed about push e-mail and mobile Web use.

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7.8 Overall

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Wait a second, haven't we seen this phone before? Uh, twice? Seemingly a proponent of the "when you're on a good thing, stick to it" philosophy, Samsung has kept to a standard design for many of its recent slider phones. But while the Z400 is a near-clone of last year's D500 and D600, there is one big difference -- this model's 3G.

Measuring 49mm by 97mm by 19mm and tipping the scales at 107g, the Z400 is no bigger than its non-3G predecessors. The rounded edges also make it seem a lot more compact than 3G slider models such as Nokia's N80, and one-handed operation is easy.

The sharp 240 x 320 pixel screen is impressive, but the glossy surface seems to seek out smudges. Beneath the display, a large navigation key sits between two soft keys, with send, end and clear buttons below. A ridge under the screen allows the Z400 to be slid open without thumbs straying to the buttons by accident.

Sliding the phone up -- an immensely satisfying experience given the mechanism's springiness -- reveals a 2-megapixel camera with a large "ego-cam" mirror up top and a curved keypad down below. On the left side are the dedicated volume keys and a MicroSD card slot (unfortunately without a card included). The right side features a camera launch key, shortcut button for accessing frequently used applications, and a covered slot for charging and plugging in the headset.

The Z400 is being marketed -- at least in this country -- as a business phone, but with no push e-mail capabilities, it's unlikely to compete with models such as Nokia's enterprise-friendly E series. Samsung reckons the phone will be a winner with "mid-career managers and multi-tasking professionals", and we sort of agree -- as long as said professionals prefer sporadic, user-initiated e-mail checking and Web browsing. Other nominally business-focused features include voice recording, mobile printing and a document viewer.

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