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Samsung YP-T9 review: Samsung YP-T9

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The Good The sleek, durable Samsung YP-T9 has a user-friendly interface and is packed with features: photo viewing, video playback, gaming capabilities, voice recording, and subscription music support. It sounds great and looks hot; its battery life is also impressive.

The Bad The Samsung YP-T9's processor is slow, and side buttons take some getting used to. What's more, the USB port is proprietary, and the device has no UMS mode.

The Bottom Line Despite a few minor issues, the stylish Samsung YP-T9 is a no-brainer: it's easy to use, packed with features, and sounds fantastic. What more could you ask for?

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8.3 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 9
  • Performance 8
Samsung has lately been turning heads with its hip MP3 players, and the YP-T9 is no exception. This slim, sexy device, available with either 2GB ($149) or 4GB ($199) capacity, is not only user-friendly but also sounds great. Impatient users should take note, though, as the device's processor lags a bit.

The YP-T9 is smaller and--dare we say sleeker--than the iPod Nano.
The Samsung YP-T9 looks good in pictures, but it's even hotter once you get your hands on it. It's smaller than an iPod Nano (3.2x1.5x0.3 inch) and yet it boasts a noticeably larger, 1.8-inch screen. Like the YP-T7, the YP-T9 vaguely resembles a cell phone, though we prefer the T9's slimmer profile and shiny black case. What's more, the player manages to look good and not sacrifice usability (ahem, did someone say Razr?).

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