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Samsung WEP870 Bluetooth Headset review: Samsung WEP870 Bluetooth Headset

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The Good The Samsung WEP870 can be used as both a mono and a stereo headset. It has a dedicated on/off switch, a handy OLED display, comfortable earbuds, and good sound quality.

The Bad The Samsung WEP870 doesn't have additional earbud covers, and we would have liked to see a mic integrated into the lanyard. We also wish we could control the audio playback from the headset.

The Bottom Line The Samsung WEP870 is a great choice for those who want a convertible mono and stereo Bluetooth headset.

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8.0 Overall

Even though stereo Bluetooth is now more widely accepted, there are those who just want a simple mono headset to make and receive calls. But there's no reason you can't have both; there are a few headsets out there that can convert from mono to stereo and vice versa, like the Jabra BT8010 and the Plantronics Voyager 855. The Samsung WEP870 is the latest to do just that, with the help of a stereo earbud lanyard attachment, letting you listen to your music as well as manage your calls. With its ease of use, comfortable fit, and good sound quality, the WEP870 is a fairly good deal at $89.95 retail.

The Samsung WEP870 looks like a normal Bluetooth headset from the outset. The WEP870 is rectangular with curved corners, with silver chrome trim and a mostly black surface, and it measures 1.77 inches long by 0.7 inch wide by 0.47 inch thick. Though it isn't too obvious, the upper part of the front surface can be pressed down to act as the multifunction call button. We found it easy to press, even when worn on the ear. Underneath that is a tiny OLED display that shows the battery life, Bluetooth connection status, and phone call connection status.

On the left spine is a dedicated power switch, which we like to see on Bluetooth headsets since it makes it much easier to turn the headset on and off. The volume rocker is on the right and the charger jack is on the bottom. Turn the headset over and you'll find a simple in-ear earpiece with a soft rubber cover. It's small enough to fit comfortably in the ear, though we did wish it came with different size earbuds for a more customized fit. We also found that we needed to wear the flexible ear hook for added security and stability.

In order to switch the WEP870 over to stereo mode, you need to attach the included stereo earbud lanyard. Simply snap the connector to the headset's charger jack, and you're good to go. The lanyard is made to be worn around the neck much like a necklace, and it has two gel in-ear-style earbuds hanging off it. We found the earbuds very comfortable; they fit in quite securely in the ear and we felt as if we could wear them all day if desired. Again, we did wish there were additional earbuds for different-size ears, but we were pleased with the ones we had. The earbud wire length can be adjusted thanks to sliding cord management grommets on the lanyard. Also note that there is no mic on the lanyard, so whenever you get a call, you need to bring the headset to your mouth so your callers can hear you.

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