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Samsung prices its 105-inch ultrawide curved 4K TV at $120,000

​Samsung has announced that its ginormous 105-inch UN105S9W television is now available for preorder for $120,000.

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Samsung has announced its ginormous 105-inch UN105S9W television, which premiered at CES 2014, is now available for preorder for a penny's change out of 120 grand.

Originally called the 105U9500 , the curved UN105S9W is "made to order" and features a curved 4K-compatible LCD screen and a beautiful wood-finish back. At $119,999.99, it's one of the most expensive TVs you can buy, but Samsung will also throw in personalized setup by its "Field Engineers." Samsung advises it will take about twelve weeks to receive delivery of a TV once ordered.

The 105-incher was announced in January, a little while after LG unveiled its own 105UC9. While the LG is priced at a much more "affordable" $70,000, the company has yet to announce availability.

The UN105S9W features Samsung's proprietary UHD Dimming and Precision Black, which promise deeper blacks and brighter whites, and a Quad Screen mode (four HDTVs on one screen). The panel has a 21:9 aspect ratio, a closer match to ultra-widescreen movies than to standard 16:9 HDTV shows. As a result of its wider shape, the screen also has a higher native resolution than most 4K/UHD TVs: 5,120x2,160. That's 11 million pixels and change.

The 58-inch Vizio XVT3D580CM from 2012 is the only other 21:9 TV to hit the US market.

Curved TV screens first appeared in 2013on LG and Samsung OLED TVs, but like other curved Samsung sets, the UN105S9W uses standard LED LCD, not OLED, technology.

Now, before you whip out that American Express Centurion Card, just remember two things: curved TVs are an acquired taste (to say the least), and you'll get a much bigger bang for your buck at the 100-plus-inch screen size if you invest in a projector.

But, hey, don't let us spoil your fun.

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