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Samsung UE60D8000 review: Samsung UE60D8000

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The Good Bright, vibrant images; Good sound quality; Gorgeous design; Great Internet features.

The Bad Crosstalk in 3D images; Inconsistent backlight.

The Bottom Line It looks a million dollars, and almost costs as much too, but the Samsung UE60D8000 produces extremely punchy pictures and has a stunning line-up of features. It's marred slightly by inconsistent backlighting and some 3D crosstalk.

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8.3 Overall

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Samsung's UE60D8000 is a stunner. This late addition to the D8000 range not only offers a huge screen size, its styling is also incredibly luxurious. It boasts one of the narrowest bezels we've seen on an LED set.

It's loaded with all the high-end features you'd expect on a flagship model, including active 3D support, Smart TV features and LED backlight dimming.

If you're going to spend £4,000 on a TV you'll want it to be perfect in every department, so can the UE60D8000 live up to expectations?

User interface and EPG

The menu system Samsung has added to this TV is probably the best we've seen on any television. It matches colourful and friendly icons with lush animations to create a slick user experience. Call up the main menu and you'll find all the settings for channels, pictures, sound and networking.

Samsung UE60D8000 menus
We love the bright and colourful menus -- probably the best we've seen on a TV.

You're given comprehensive control over the picture settings in particular. Along with the usual colour, brightness and contrast controls, there are a huge number of more advanced settings including gamma controls and white balance adjustment.

Like LG's latest TVs, this one has a home screen that's accessed via the Smart Hub button on the remote. This groups together stuff like Internet apps, the AV input selection tool, electronic programme guide (EPG) and digital media playback features into a single colourful and welcoming interface.

The EPG is top class. It has a video window in the top left-hand corner with a summary of the currently selected programme shown next it. Below this, the main EPG grid shows six channels worth of programming data in a large and clear font. The design is lush and looks a lot more classy than the EPGs you'll find on many other high-end sets, especially those from Panasonic.

Samsung UE60D8000 EPG
The EPG's design betters that of other high-end sets on the market.

Digital media and Internet features

When it comes to Internet features, this TV ticks all the boxes. Hit the Smart Hub button on the remote and you're presented with a large number of Internet apps arranged across a virtual shelf. These includes apps for on-demand services such as the BBC's iPlayer, YouTube and Dailymotion, as well as movie rental offerings from Acetrax, LoveFilm and Blinkbox.

There are also apps for Facebook and Twitter, as well as a number of news services and a heap of games. As the TV has an onboard app store, you can add or remove apps as you go. All of the apps currently available seem to be free, but paid-for options might arrive in the future.

Like LG's latest TVs, this model includes a full Internet browser that does a good job of rendering pages, but sadly it lacks Flash support, which means you'll have trouble viewing videos on some sites.

Samsung UE60D8000 apps
You'll find a wealth of extra free apps available in the TV's app store.

The set comes up trumps on the digital media playback front. You can either play files locally from a hard drive or memory key via one of its USB ports. Alternatively you can stream files across a network from a PC or laptop using either Wi-Fi or the set's Ethernet port.

This model supports standard DLNA servers, so it works with most NAS drives as well as PCs. Format support is excellent. It'll happily stream HD MKV files as well as DviX and Xvid videos.

Design and connections

Despite the narrowness of the chassis, Samsung hasn't compromised when it comes to the range of inputs on offer. As with many of today's large screen TVs, it's got four HDMI ports, along with a set of component inputs, one of which doubles-up as a composite input, if needed.

There's also a VGA socket, three USB ports and an Ethernet socket. If you'd prefer not to use a wired connection to the TV then you can hook it up to your router via the onboard Wi-Fi.

Samsung UE60D8000 ports
As well as the Ethernet port, the TV also has onboard Wi-Fi.

On the back panel you'll find both a standard RF connector for hooking it up to a normal terrestrial aerial when you're using the Freeview HD tuner, as well as an F-connector, so you can connect a dish to the set for the Freesat HD tuner.

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