Samsung UE46ES6540 review: Samsung UE46ES6540

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The Good Bright images and bold colours; Good audio quality; Strong lineup of smart TV apps; Good 3D performance; Handsome design.

The Bad Suffers from some backlight clouding; Standard-definition pictures look a bit soft.

The Bottom Line The UE46ES6540 impresses with its stylish design, strong picture and audio performance, and class-leading lineup of smart TV apps. It's another fine mid-range set from Samsung, but the problem is that you can buy the superior UEES6800 for slightly less money.

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8.3 Overall

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Samsung's high end models may attract a lot of attention thanks to their futuristic voice and gesture controls, but they also have eye-watering price tags. If you're looking for a more affordable option, but still want plenty of features like smart TV support and 3D capabilities, then the company's six series arguably offers the best value for money. I liked both the ES6300 and ES6800 when I reviewed them recently, but the UE46ES6540 slots in between both and may offer even better value for money.

Confusingly it doesn’t appear on the company's website, but the reason for this is that not all retailers carry it. In fact, Samsung has really brought it to the UK as a 'special' option for John Lewis stores, although you may find it available from other shops in limited numbers.

The set lacks the dual-core processor found on the ES6800, but includes the 400Hz processing that was lacking on the ES6300. Currently you can buy it from John Lewis for £900.

User interface and EPG

The good news is that the UE46ES6540 uses pretty much exactly the same menu system as the one you find on Samsung's high-end ES7000 and ES8000 models, minus the voice and gesture controls. Even through it only has a single-core processor, the menus still feel very responsive to use.

Samsung UE46ES6540
The UE46ES6540 has one of the best programming guides you'll find on any TV.

The core of the menu system revolves around a homescreen from which you can access all the TV's key features, including its smart TV apps, programming guide, input selection screen and digital media player. It's beautifully presented thanks to its cute graphics and liberal use of colour.

Admittedly it shows so much information to you in one go that it can initially be a little bit confusing, but on the whole it's still one of the best menus systems available on today's TVs.

Samsung has largely done a very good job on the TV programming guide too. It looks very attractive thanks to its bold use of colour and the crisp and clean font used for displaying programming information. It also includes a video thumbnail window, so you can quickly call it up without it completely intruding on the show you're currently tuned to.

The way the info button works for the mini guide is quite odd though. When you give it a prod, it only shows you a single line of the programme summary. To read the whole thing you have to press the red button on the remote to open it in a larger window. It's not a deal breaker, but it is a tad annoying.

Design and connections

To try and make sure this set is a cheaper alternative to the ES6800, Samsung has not just switched from a dual- to single-core processor, it's also changed the design in some subtle ways. Essentially it's used slightly cheaper materials. The stand, for instance, doesn't have the glossy sheen like the one on the ES6800. Instead it's finished with a duller, brushed effect that looks a little plasticky.

The bezel is also a fair bit thicker, although it's still very narrow compared to last year's models and Samsung has disguised its extra width by angling the second element in the bezel backwards quite drastically. This may all sound like bad news, but the fact is that although it's not quite as attractive as the ES6800, at first glance the two look remarkably similar.

This model has the same problem as its more expensive siblings when it comes to connections -- it has just three HDMI ports when most competitors' 46inch models now have four. It does have full-sized component inputs, as well as both Ethernet and Wi-Fi on board. You also get three USB ports, and unlike most other TVs in this price range it comes with both a standard Freeview HD tuner as well as a Freesat HD tuner.

Samsung UE46ES6540
The TV only has three HDMI ports, whereas most competing 46-inchers comes with four.

Digital media

This model comes with Samsung's smart TV system, which is arguably the best in the business. It's got the broadest lineup of apps, and includes a lot of video on-demand and catch-up TV services, which are the ones that you most want to see on a TV. Along with BBC iPlayer it now includes ITV Player and Demand 5. Sadly 4oD is still absent, but it's not yet available on any other smart TV at the moment. You do get apps for both Loveflim and Netflix and there are a number of movie rental services included too, such as Blinkbox, Knowhow Movies and Curzon on Demand.

Samsung UE46ES6540
Only 4oD is missing from the lineup of catch-up TV services.

As with all smart TV apps at the moment, these apps aren't as fluid to use or as fast to load as apps on phones or tablets, but they're still reasonably speedy by television standards. You don’t really notice much different between this single-core model and Samsung's dual-core sets in terms of speed and responsiveness.

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