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Samsung SyncMaster 192T review: Samsung SyncMaster 192T

Samsung SyncMaster 192T

Kristina Blachere
2 min read

The Samsung's SyncMaster 192T definitely wins style points for its silver bezel and unique dual-hinge design. But for such a high-priced display, we'd expect top-notch image quality and design--and we didn't get it.


Samsung SyncMaster 192T

The Good

Unique and stylish design; analog and digital inputs; included wall-mount bracket.

The Bad

More expensive than other 19-inch LCDs; some adjustability limitations; price tag warrants much higher image quality.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung SyncMaster 192T looks cool, but you can get a higher-quality, more adjustable 19-inch LCD for a lot less money.

The SyncMaster 192T's unusual neck design sets it apart--sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. The neck's dual hinges, one where it attaches to the base and another where it attaches to the screen, let you raise, lower, and tilt the display easily, but you cannot swivel it or rotate between Portrait and Landscape modes. Office users who require these features should consider the ViewSonic VP191b or the HP L1925 instead.

For wall-mounting, the SyncMaster 192T's neck folds into the base; Samsung includes a bracket for hanging the flattened display. One caveat: A latch that holds the display flat for shipping is not meant to do the same for wall-mounting. This issue may be confusing because the latch is undocumented in the user guide.

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The neck folds into the base for wall-mounting.

The inputs and the controls on the SyncMaster 192T are easy to find and use. The digital, analog, and AC inputs, located on the back of the base, are clearly labeled; and because they're at desk level rather than on the neck or the back of the display (as with other models), the included cables lie quietly at desk level instead of dangling down in full view.

Blended subtly into the bottom edge of the bezel casing are six sleek buttons for navigating the easy-to-use onscreen menu. One of the buttons, labeled Magic Bright, toggles through a few brightness and contrast presets calibrated for Internet, text, and entertainment use.

The SyncMaster 192T's image quality is decent and does justice to basic productivity applications, such as word processing and writing e-mail. For the price, however, we expected better. CNET Labs found some pixel fusion (where the letters look stuck together) at 6.8-point and smaller text sizes; we also noticed a loss of contrast toward the extremes of black and white. Despite one conspicuous flaw--whites took on a dull yellowish cast--overall, focus was crisp and clear, and colors were reasonably vibrant. The Samsung SyncMaster 192T is backed by a three-year parts and labor warranty.

The SyncMaster 192T is certainly a stylish-looking LCD, but models such as the NEC AccuSync LCD9V or the HP L1925 offer better image quality for lower prices.

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Samsung SyncMaster 192T