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Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor review: A great leak sensor...if you use SmartThings

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MSRP: $39.99

The Good The SmartThings Leak Sensor works reliably and features a streamlined design.

The Bad It's so simple, some people might be reluctant to drop $40 on it.

The Bottom Line SmartThings' device is reliable and simple to install. For those who already have a SmartThings hub, getting one or two of these sensors to put around the house should be a no-brainer.

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7.0 Overall
  • Features 3
  • Usability 9
  • Design 8
  • Performance 9

Sometimes, simplicity is better. SmartThings as a smart home control system works because each individual component, from motion sensors to locks to lights, performs its function well. That cooperation creates a broadly successful system that accomplishes complex tasks.

In that context, the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is a fine device. It does what it's supposed to: alerts you via push notification and in the SmartThings app when it detects water. But for $40, I wish it did just a little bit more.

Here are the features of the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor:

  • Water detection
  • Temperature sensing
  • Works with SmartThings
  • Battery-powered

What it doesn't have:

  • Audible alarm
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Humidity sensing
  • Tilt sensing

I love how simple it is in some ways -- I really could see myself buying a few of these and just tossing them under sinks and beside pipes around the house. And the SmartThings sensor has a clever design that funnels water toward the probes on its underside.

The problem is, if you're looking for a gadget to set off alarms, monitor large areas or alert you to other potential problems like humidity, then SmartThings is just too simple to help you. Plus, it requires an investment in the SmartThings hub if you don't already have one -- making it much more expensive in total.

If you already use the SmartThings platform, and want a simple gadget to monitor your home for floods, this Leak Sensor is a solid pick. Otherwise you'll want to find a different device. We've reviewed several, so click here for our take on which flood sensor to buy.

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