Samsung SB971 monitor is meticulously calibrated, boasts quad HD resolution (hands-on)

The 27-inch monitor displays over a billion colors and includes built-in features to maintain color accuracy.

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Xiomara Blanco
The 27-inch Samsung SB971 monitor displays over a billion colors and is individually hand-tuned by Samsung technicians. Samsung

Samsung is rolling out a new professional-grade monitor in its Series 9 lineup that's designed to show you its true colors -- all billion of them. The 27-inch SB971 features a wide-angle boasting LED PLS panel and quad high-definition resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels.

According to Samsung, the monitors are individually hand-calibrated by technicians, ensuring color accuracy out of the box for graphic designers, artists, and photographers. In addition, if Samsung's hand-tuning isn't enough, the SB971 comes loaded with a built-in color calibration engine.

Samsung's Natural Colors Expert technology -- which purportedly displays the billion possible colors as accurately as possible -- is featured on the monitor and includes hardware color calibrations within the display.

The SB971 features Samsung's exclusive Natural Colors Expert technology to ensure color accuracy. Samsung

The Windows 8-compatible monitor dons a simple silver and black design with a slim profile and minimal buttons. Its silver and round base houses its internal components and its stand has a few ergonomic functions, including height adjustment and tilt.

The monitor houses 7W stereo speakers and connections include DisplayPort, DVI-DL, HDMI, and a USB hub. It also features a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) for connecting MHL-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets.

Eric Franklin got a chance to play around with the monitor a few months ago, and though he was impressed by its sharp screen and vibrant color, he was disappointed that the same DisplayPort design flaw that plagued the SB970 still lingered in the new model.

The SB971's retail starting price is set at $1,200 and will be available for purchase in early fall 2013.