Samsung has announced its new range of wireless multiroom speakers, with a new 360-degree design.

The range, which replaces the existing Shape series, starts with the $199 R1 and is followed by the $299 R3 and the large $399 R5. The three new speakers join the existing egg-shaped flagship R7 at $449.

The speakers feature drivers that distribute sound in a ring around the speaker -- Samsung claims this offers sound quality that is the same for everyone in the room.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The multiroom system can be controlled by the Samsung Multiroom app, which connects to each speaker via Wi-Fi. Alternatively, they can be used with native apps such as Spotify Connect or people can hook up other devices via Bluetooth.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The new speakers feature a touch-sensitive top that users can tap to pause and swipe to skip tracks.

The R3 and the R5 feature a small OLED display on top that gives input and playback information.

The new models replace the existing M3 and larger M5 and M7 speakers and Samsung is also discontinuing the Link Mate, which enabled people to use the company's Multiroom system with a home stereo.