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Samsung Q45 review: Samsung Q45

The Good Good performance; small size; great looking design.

The Bad Poor at 3D graphics; annoying key layout.

The Bottom Line The Samsung Q45 punches well above its weight, with performance results you'd expect from a much larger model. It's not quite up to 3D gaming though, and suffers from an annoying key layout

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7.5 Overall

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Samsung's Q45 might not be the tiniest of laptops available, but with a 12-inch screen it's still small enough to be easily portable.

Despite its undersized dimensions, it's still a decent performer with enough power to do some proper work and it's a good-looker too, all for just £717 from

The Q45 may only measure 299 by 36 by 217mm and weigh 1.9kg, but it can easily give a much larger laptop a run for its money in the performance stakes. With a 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 processor and only 1GB of RAM, it managed to rack up a score of 3,281 in PCMark05, which is impressive for its size.

While it's capable of turning its hand to heavy processing, it's thankfully not too much of a drain on the battery. Although it only turned in an average result of 1 hour 33 minutes while running the intensive Battery Eater test, it managed a much more respectable 4 hours 30 minutes during the reader test.

The 12.1-inch glossy display has a native resolution of 1,280x800 pixels and offers great colour reproduction, but its reflective coating makes it difficult to work on if there are any bright lights behind you.

The whole package is finished off in a stunning glossy black casing that looks fantastic, although it is rather susceptible to greasy fingerprints.

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