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Samsung Q310 review: Samsung Q310

The Good Battery life; sturdy chassis; compact and light.

The Bad Disappointing screen; keyboard flexing at the corner; 13-inch screen not worth the extra money.

The Bottom Line The only major difference between this and the 12-inch Q210 is the slightly bigger display. However, since both run at the same native resolution, the benefits of the Q310's 13-inch screen are minimal. And with similar performance, we prefer the cheaper Q210

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7.5 Overall

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If you like your laptops small and with decent battery life, Samsung's Q310 will definitely appeal. It is, however, just a minor update to the Q210, and the 13-inch display is the only major modification. So is it worth the upgrade to a £650 machine?

Samsung has done little to differentiate this laptop from the Q210. It sports that same glossy-black chassis that looks great but picks up smudges and smears far too easily, and the 'touch of red' strip along the wrist-rest still looks like a manufacturing error as opposed to a genuine design-based decision.

The screen gets a bump from 12.1-inches to 13.3-inches, but since it works at the same 1,200x800-pixel resolution you won't be able to cram in any more windows onto the desktop.

Unlike on the Q210, two of the three USB ports here are located at the rear next to the power and Ethernet sockets. Although this keeps wires out of the way, the fact that the pair of USB ports are stacked means plugging in a chunky device, such as a TV tuner, will almost definitely block off the second port. The third USB port is sat on the right side.

An HDMI port lets you spew video direct to a nearby TV -- alternatively you can use the analogue VGA output. There's no Firewire or eSATA, but you do get a 34mm Expresscard slot on the left and a multi-format card reader at the front. The DVD writer is the same as the one found in the Q210 and supports Lightscribe, which lets you etch uninspiring greyscale images onto compatible discs.

Thanks to well-spaced keys with a good amount of travel, we had no problems typing out long documents. We did notice a worrying amount of flex on the bottom right of the keyboard, though.

As with the exterior, the guts of this notebook are very similar to that of the Q210. You get the same 2.26GHz P8400 Core 2 Duo CPU and Nvidia Geforce 9200M GS graphics with 256MB Ram. One difference is that the Q310 packs 4GB of system memory as opposed to the Q210's 3GB, but since the installed 32-bit Vista Home Premium can't handle more than 3GB, you won't see a performance boost unless you upgrade to 64-bit.

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