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Samsung PS42Q7HD review: Samsung PS42Q7HD

The Good Great value; super stylish; advanced processing; competent picture performance.

The Bad Limited connections; unresponsive remote; drained black levels; poor sound quality.

The Bottom Line Samsung's 42Q7HD is stunningly designed and impressively equipped with a future-proof specification. There are a few sound and picture flaws but at this price they're easy to ignore

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7.5 Overall

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Samsung's 42Q7HD attempts to recreate the recent success of the company's impressive and affordable LCD range using plasma technology for a bigger screen experience.

For the price, it does a pretty good job -- you won't find many budget screens as attractively designed or extensively equipped with high-end features, including HD compatibility, integrated Freeview and advanced picture-processing systems.

Single input options limit its versatility, especially if you want to connect several high-definition sources, and picture performance is slighted by blanched black levels that separate the screen from more illustrious models. But, for around £500 cheaper than the class leading screens in question it's a sacrifice that most budget buyers should be willing to make.

Samsung leads the way in the affordable style stakes, and not many budget-priced plasmas can claim to be as stylish as the latest 42Q7HD. The gloss black frame is underscored by a brushed metal speaker system and pedestal stand, and is guaranteed to attract admiring glances. Even the gently tapered, homogenous remote is eye catching compared to its typically ugly and oversized contemporaries.

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