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The Good Cute. Lots of fun. Takes some worry out of house cleaning. Virtual Guard sections off areas you don't want touched. Remote control.

The Bad Expensive. Gets stuck easily. Some objects get lodged in gears. Limited remote range. Comically bad at returning to recharge station. No scheduling on base model.

The Bottom Line The Samsung NaviBot is an adorable robotic vacuum cleaner that will clean your carpets, but requires a little too much hand-holding to make the price worthwhile.

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6.0 Overall

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Robots — our benevolent protectors, mundane task performers, future overlords.

Despite the ever-present threat of being overthrown by tin men, we love robots. So anthropomorphic. So sweet. The Samsung NaviBot is kind of like that too. It looks like the illegitimate child of a cough lolly and an ornamental shrimp.

The robot wasn't long out of the package before other people in the CNET Australia office adopted it as their own — soon spawning a set of yellow eyes and a tail. It even got a nickname: Sadie.

As endearing as people found its little whirring ways we had to step in and stop them dressing it up like a new puppy...

samsung navibot robot vacuum

Sadie the cleaning robot(Credit: CBS Interactive)

The Samsung NaviBot comes in two versions: the AU$799 SR8845 Neutral Grey and the AU$999 SR8855 Mirror Blue. The beginner model features basic functionality, a remote control and a "Virtual Guard", which can be used to fence off areas of your house. The step-up version features two Virtual Guards, a handy daily schedule cleaning mode, extra brush accessories and a touchscreen control panel on the robot.

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