Samsung ML-1665 review: Samsung ML-1665

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The Good Good value for money; dinky dimensions; sharp black text; speedy printing.

The Bad Lack of any advanced features; low paper capacity; slight ghosting on draft-quality graphics.

The Bottom Line Samsung's entry-level ML-1665 is a printer stripped to its bare bones. Fortunately, those bones are worth every penny. It offers clean and speedy monochrome prints of text and graphics, and it's also tiny, so you can tuck it away pretty much anywhere

8.3 Overall

Samsung's ML-1665 black-and-white laser printer looks like it could have been manufactured at any point in the last ten years. There are no concessions to next-generation trickery anywhere. It's just a very small and simple black box with a dinky print engine inside. It also happens to execute clean print jobs in little time at little cost. It's available now for around £75.

Flip your lid
The tiny ML-1665 is simple to set up and operate. It took us no time at all to get it up and running, and the same should be true for you -- as long as you have a USB cable lying around to connect it to your PC or Mac. The flip-top lid opens to reveal just one consumable -- a 700-page starter cartridge.

Replacement cartridges are easy to fit. You can only opt for a 1,500-page replacement cartridge, which costs about £50 online. That works out at around 3.3 pence per print, though, which isn't bad.

On the right-hand side of the printer's top sits a combination of two hard buttons and two LED lights. The LED lights will flash maniacally if there are any hardware issues. One of the hard buttons turns the printer on, while the other is a 'print screen' button that automatically prints whatever's displayed on your monitor. This print-screen button might not sound all that impressive, but no other manufacturer has included this feature yet, and it works a treat.