Samsung LED C9000 review: Samsung LED UA55C9000

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The Good Immaculate design. Performance to match. Studded with features.

The Bad Do you have a mortgage?. 3D is not good. Remote is a little gimmicky.

The Bottom Line A true flagship, the Samsung LED UA55C9000 is undoubtedly the company's best TV for 2010, but you're paying for the privilege.

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8.5 Overall

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It's been a while since we've had a "luxury" TV through the gates of CNET Towers, and we think that one of the main reasons is that no one really makes them any more. Sure, the Europeans are still throwing them out there but you won't see them on the floor of your local Bing Lee.

While Samsung has flirted with designer goods through collaborations with Bang & Olufsen, this is the first time the company has struck out on its own. The Samsung C9000 is a self-proclaimed "luxury good", and while it certainly looks "luxurious", is it in actuality "good"? Incidentally, this TV won't be sold at Bing Lee either — it's "premium" stores only.


You've no doubt seen the price tag by the time you got here, and while TVs used to cost that much back in the days of the Pioneer Kuro it's now quite a rare occurrence. One of the reasons for this? Exhibit A: the TV is clad in stainless steel. And it looks quite spiffy too. The surface is less reflective than piano-black finishes and so moderately less distracting.

Even with the stainless steel on the front and back of the TV, it is miraculously thin coming in at 8mm. But this is a little deceptive, because if you're wall-mounting the TV you still need to attach the stand as well — it attaches to the back, you see, as it contains all of the inputs and electronics. This makes the TV marginally thicker at 3cm from the wall. To "save you money" the TV ships with the wall mount in the box.

Just as sensational as the TV is the remote itself. It's a 3-inch touchscreen model that communicates with the TV via Wi-Fi and also acts as a second screen. While it's got amazing capabilities it isn't the easiest to use. Like some tablet remotes, you may have to do lots of screen-swapping to control the TV at times — even the Logitech Harmony 1100i was better at juggling multiple screens. On a lesser note, the TV includes a keyboard control, but it won't work when trying to enter the security code for wireless, which is one of the few times we'd actually need a QWERTY keyboard on a TV remote. The remote comes with a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones.

samsung 9000 tv series remote

The C9000 remote acts like a second TV(Credit: Ty Pendlebury)


Not only is the Samsung C9000 one of the most beautiful TVs we've seen, but it's also one of the most feature-packed. But you know what? This also makes it the most complicated.

Starting from the basics, this is a 55-inch LCD television with a full-HD resolution, and it features LED edge-lighting. It comes with all the gubbins you'd expect like 200Hz and an Ultra Clear Panel.

Moving on to actual features though and the list reads like a Samsung brainstorming session. First and foremost is 3D playback, and the TV does the usual 2D-to-3D conversion of most other models, and if you're lucky the company might throw in a couple of glasses for you (though not included).

Connectivity is also a focus with the TV offering both wired (via a small dongle) and wireless (via a ridiculously HUGE, foot-long USB adapter!). To use the "dual-screen" capability, the TV and remote need to be connected to the same network and so the wireless connection might be better for the ease of configuration.

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