Now playing: Watch this: Samsung's KN55F9500 OLED TV promises vivid picture quality

LAS VEGAS--After a false start in 2012, Samsung shows it's "Real" serious this time about OLED technology by announcing another 55-inch TV, and at least this time it has a model number.

The KN55F9500 Real OLED TV includes a brace of features and promises "unprecedented picture quality." The "Real" in the title is a double entendre of sorts -- not only should the TV finally ship to stores this year, but the company wants to differentiate it from LG's products by announcing that it is a "true" RGB design. LG's White OLED system uses color filters to give you the RGB spectrum, making it closer to an LCD as the white OLED acts as a kind of backlight. In comparison, Samsung uses three OLEDs of red, blue, and green per pixel, which could mean an increase in the number of colors it is capable of.

Based on last year's Samsung Super OLED TV (which this TV essentially is) and previous OLED TVs such as Sony's XEL-1, the picture quality of the KN55F9500 promises to eclipse anything you've witnessed before. If you've seen OLED-based phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you'll have some idea of what an RGB OLED is capable of. The company has also added two self-explanatory picture processing features to the OLED -- De-Jagging Pro (y'know, for jagged lines) and Motion Judder Cancellation Pro.

This wouldn't be a flagship Samsung TV if you couldn't hold it upside and shake a metric ton of features out of it, and yes, you can wave at the TV or navigate it with your voice if you like. One of the unique features though is the true Multi-View feature, which lets two people watch entirely different programs with audio. While last year saw several two-person gaming solutions, these involved a single game and shared audio. The optional $99 3D glasses will incorporate headphones and enable two users to watch separate 2D or 3D content.

The Smart TV engine will get an upgrade as well, with an A15 Quad-Core 1.35GHz processor powering a new Smart Hub with a focus on content discovery. Samsung's S-Recommendation feature lists suggested content with thumbnail previews, while the Smart Hub interface now includes a TV program guide.

Availability and pricing are yet to be announced.