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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Book Cover Case review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Book Cover Case

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The Good The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Book Cover features two stand levels, good edge protection, and looks sharp wrapped around the tablet.

The Bad The front flap covers the back camera lens when attempting to take a picture, there's no auto-sleep feature, and the movie-viewing angle is unstable. Also, the price is way too high.

The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Book Cover has most of the features you'd want, but its missing auto-sleep feature makes its high price a tough pill to swallow.

7.0 Overall

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 hit retail this week. It's a great tablet, especially if you have specific needs for its stylus. Even if you don't, however, it still meets most of the tablet quality criteria. Also this week, Samsung released a well-designed book cover case, with features specific to the Note 10.1.

While it has most of the features you'd want in tow, it's expensive and the few features it lacks are significant.

Design and features
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Book Cover is a two-sided case made mostly of synthetic leather. The back cover feels reinforced and firm, while sporting a feltlike interior. The front cover is divided in three segments measuring 1.8 inches, 3.9 inches, and 0.8 inch. The front flap is more malleable, while sporting the same felt-feeling interior. On the front cover, written in gray is a Samsung logo at the top with "Galaxy Note 10.1" toward the bottom.

The inside of the cover features a microfiber feltlike material. Josh Miller/CNET

The tablet snaps into the bottom cover, first along the bottom and then at the top, securing it snugly in. The lower-right corner remains uncovered, keeping the tablet's built-in stylus holder clear. At the top edge is a hole for the headphone jack, and on the bottom edge are two 2-inch-long rubber bumpers on the right and left sides. The tablet can easily be removed from the case by pushing back on the plastic clamps on the top two corners. While it closes fine, it would close even better if there were some kind of lock for the front flap. Right now it feels a bit flimsily closed.

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