This isn't your ordinary Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. One look at the deep gold bat icon on the back of this special "Injustice" edition announces its difference, its darkness, its yearning to be worthy of the Batman.

The Injustice edition Galaxy S7 Edge comes with its own Batman case.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

An all-black body and deep gold accents around the home button, speaker grille and camera mount are the phone's other physical tip-offs, markers that'll help it stand out on the street. On the software side, a pervasive theme ties in wallpaper, dark gold icons and skins. For example, the apps icon is transformed into Batman's pointed mask, and the dialer gets a retro look.

When the phone rings, you'll hear a jangly version of the movie theme song (It's called Injustice: Gods Among Us). The always-on display faintly beams out the Batman logo like a muted Bat-signal.

Beneath the cosmetic details, the phone's high-end hardware remains the same as any other S7 Edge, including the water-resistant coating and the customizable Edge screen.

This special edition phone is clearly for Batman fans who have been considering an S7 Edge, but haven't yet taken the plunge. For their sake, it'd be great to see even more Easter eggs by default, like maybe some surprise entries waiting in the phone book. How much more fun would it be to call Superman, Wonder Woman or even Bane to hear a recorded message or a hint for a contest or game?

After all, it's not what the phone is underneath, but what it does that defines it.


Samsung's Batphone, er...Injustice edition, comes in a fancy box to match. It's topped by a gold metal bat, beneath which you'll find the phone, an all-black version of the Samsung Gear VR (which comes preloaded with a Batman Injustice game preview) and a burly case. I'm told not every region will get the VR bundle.

When can you get it, and for how much?

We know that the phone will come out in June to the US, China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America and Russia, but Samsung hasn't unmasked a specific sale date, or pricing for that matter.