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Samsung Galaxy Player 50 review: Samsung Galaxy Player 50

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Flies in the ointment

If you want your MP3 player to do nothing but play music, then the Galaxy Player isn't for you. There are multiple dedicated music players on the market that do a better job and cost less. If, however, you want to enjoy all the benefits of a smart phone, minus calls and mobile-contract fees, the Galaxy player might still be of interest.

Despite the average performance of the music player, we found that the rest of the Galaxy Player's features worked quite well. The Android Market contained all the applications we could want, including the ludicrously addictive Angry Birds. Surfing the Internet proved speedy, and we could smoothly stream YouTube videos without having to wait for them to load. The Galaxy Player's screen isn't as crisp as the iPod touch's, but videos are still perfectly watchable.

The main problem we endured while using such features was the nagging voice in our head that kept reminding us we could get an 8GB iPod touch for £40 more than an 8GB Galaxy Player. Compared to the touch, the Galaxy Player feels unbearably sluggish. The touchscreen is also smaller (3.2 inches compared to 3.5 inches) and less responsive, and the interface isn't as intuitive.

The Galaxy Player just isn't as good as its Apple-flavoured rival. If it were significantly cheaper, that would be less of an issue. For £150, we expected a slicker device.

Another key problem is that, for roughly the same amount of money, you could get a pretty decent pay as you go Android phone with all the same features, as well as the ability to make calls. For example, the HTC Wildfire is currently available for £170 from Carphone Warehouse, and the Huawei Ideos is available for £150 SIM-free from Expansys, among other retailers. Check out our round-up of the best cheap Android phones for more ideas. 


The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 aims to be the Android version of the iPod touch, injecting some much-needed competition into the media-player market. But it fails, due to a number of flaws that make it feel rushed and incomplete. It's not absolutely terrible but there are plenty of rival devices that do what it does better, or for less money. If you want an Android media player, we'd steer clear of the Galaxy Player 50 and see if Samsung's next model rectifies the problems.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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