Samsung E590 review: Samsung E590

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The Good Teeny -- but still practical -- size. 3-megapixel camera with lots of features. Very easy to use, no fussing around.

The Bad No flash or light on camera. Lovers of flashy gadgets need not apply.

The Bottom Line A great choice if you want an easy-to-use phone that you can barely feel in your pocket.

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8.2 Overall

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The most notable thing about the E590's design is its simplicity. There are no glossy surfaces. There are no touch-sensitive keys. There is no floral embossing. This lack of festive flair doesn't make for a boring phone though -- the phone has a clean, utilitarian design, but then so does a little player called the iPod.

The candy bar E590 comes in black or white, and at 66 grams almost floats on the palm. Grasping it in your hand, you feel like a giant meddling with the mobile of a standard human -- the footprint is about the same as a second-gen iPod nano.

A 220 x 220-pixel, 262k colour display sits atop a grid of refreshingly normal number keys and navigation buttons. All are the same shape -- think the cross-section of a Tic Tac. A stubby joystick handles the on-screen menu movement.

On the back of the phone is a 3-megapixel camera in a solid cylindrical housing that protrudes from the main casing. There is no lens cover, and the cam is in just the right place to get in the way of your fingers when holding the phone upright.

The sides of the E590 are punctuated thrice each with an array of elegant buttons and ports. On the left are a volume rocker, a multi-purpose connection port (headset, USB and charging), and a microSD slot. The right face houses a dedicated camera zoom key, a shutter button and a Mode key that switches between applications when the camera is enabled.

We weren't huge fans of the headset design; the plug sticks out too far to the side of the phone and you can't substitute standard headphones because it's a Samsung proprietary port.

The spotlight feature on the triband E590 is the 3-megapixel camera, which oddly does not come equipped with a flash, LED or convex self-portrait mirror. To be fair, these omissions are redeemed in other areas: the cam is equipped with autofocus and the dedicated zoom rocker is a rare and welcome inclusion.

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