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Samsung E570 review: Samsung E570

The Good Pretty design; lots of interesting features; good screen; long battery life.

The Bad Poor music player; average camera.

The Bottom Line It may not have the best MP3 player or camera out there, but the Samsung E570 is still an attractive handset. It has lots of female friendly features, a great looking design and impressive battery life. As fashion phones go, it's one of the better models available

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7.5 Overall

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With its lipstick colour scheme, built-in pedometer and calorie counter the Samsung E570 couldn't be more girly if it was curled up on a sofa with only a box of chocolates and Sex in the City on the TV for company.

If a girly girl's handset is your kind of thing then you can pick it up for free on contract or for around £70 on pay as you go.

The dinky E570 is definitely a cute and stylish looking phone. Its curved body, lipstick-coloured scheme and floral pattern on the rear guarantees that it makes a bold fashion statement. The phone is also very small and light so it slips easily into a pocket or handbag.

The menu system is presented as a pretty standard grid of icons, so it's easy to find your way around the key features. Thanks to the surprisingly large buttons on the keypad and the easy-to-use T9 predictive text system, you can work up a decent texting speed.

Samsung has also added a number of female friendly features most of which are found tucked away in the 'Women's Life' menu. Here you'll find stuff like a biorhythm graph, calories counter and electronic shopping list. There's also a pedometer that you can use to count the number of steps you take each day and work out how active a lifestyle you're leading.

The screen isn't the largest or sharpest that we've seen, but it is very bright and produces really vibrant colours. It shows a decent amount of text so you don't have to do lots of scrolling when reading longer text messages.

When it comes to call quality the handset can't be faulted and the speakerphone mode works well. You also get Bluetooth for using it with a headset or car kit. The battery life isn't half bad either. It'll give you around six hours of talk time and will keep running on standby for over 10 days.

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