Samsung D900 (Ultra Edition 12.9) review: Samsung D900 (Ultra Edition 12.9)

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The D900's 3-megapixel camera also makes it capable of recording video that's compliant with the H.263 and MPEG4 standards at a top resolution of 352x288 pixels and at 30 frames per second. In our tests we were unable to unseat Mr Spielberg from his roost atop Hollywood -- but were pleasantly surprised with our results given the generally shoddy quality of most mobile camera video.

Our main concerns with the D900 came about pretty much exclusively based on the physical design, which has seemingly necessitated a few compromises -- in terms of the side ports -- and a few parts that feel a little cheaper than they really should. Firstly, and on a minor scale, the directional pad underneath the screen is a touch large compared to the OK button. We found that we would intermittently hit left or right when trying to accept a selection; depending on the menu context this isn't always a tragedy, but it is annoying. Likewise, the sliding motion of the D900 is a touch on the rough side, with a very audible click into place; compared to something like the very smooth LG Chocolate KG800 this feels a little unsophisticated.

Of more concern to us were the side slots. The nature of a super-slim phone is naturally one where it's tricky to fit anything onto the side, but Samsung have chosen to stick the power/headphone socket on the right hand side and the microSD slot on the right hand side underneath some very tightly held socket covers. If you're someone not possessed of long fingernails (or someone worried about breaking good fingernails) you may find this troublesome -- we certainly did. Once opened, too, they're a problem, and like many loose-hanging socket covers we envisage breakage in the future. Because the power and headphones use a custom connector, you're also tied into using Samsung-provided headphones with the D900.

There's definitely a certain cachet in having a thinner phone than anyone else, and while it does introduce some design challenges, we were overall very pleased with the D900 in terms of its features and general phone performance.

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