Samsung B3310 review: Samsung B3310

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The Good Wide range of features; Facebook and MySpace integration.

The Bad Strange number-key placement; confusing interface; tiny keypad.

The Bottom Line We like the Samsung B3310's social-media functions, and the camera software is admirably fast. But the quirky design doesn't gel brilliantly with the user interface, and typing on the Qwerty keyboard quickly becomes frustrating. The B3310 is very reasonably priced but, in terms of the user experience, it's hard to recommend.

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5.5 Overall

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Samsung bills the B3310 as a 'compact socialiser', although we prefer to think of it as a gregarious dwarf. Offering GPRS, Edge and Bluetooth connectivity, a choice of several bright colours, and a very low price point, this phone is well and truly aimed at the teenage market. You can pick it up for free on a £10-per-month, 24-month contract, for £60 on a pay-as-you-go deal, or for about £90 SIM-free.

Multi-talented midget
The B3310 manages to pack an impressive range of features into its tiny body. Despite measuring only 54 by 91 by 17mm, it offers a pull-out, full Qwerty keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera with video-recording capability, and a built-in FM radio. There's also a microSD slot hidden under the battery, so you can expand the phone's 40MB of on-board storage.

Physically, the B3310's most distinctive feature is that the number keys are placed down the left-hand side of the phone's front. The idea is that, when you pull out the Qwerty keyboard and turn the phone on its side, the number keys are where you'd expect them to be on a computer keyboard. It's a good idea, but it quickly becomes frustrating when you're trying to dial the number of your local Chinese takeaway vendor in a hurry, and the glossy finish on the keys makes it tricky to identify symbols.

The B3310's keyboard won't make your fingers thank you, but it gets the job done 

As for the pull-out keyboard, the keys themselves are extremely small. Although typing on the keyboard is far from impossible, it could hardly be called comfortable. The spacebar is tiny too, which means texting on the B3310 is a halting affair -- not ideal on a phone designed for keeping friends in the loop.

The B3310 doesn't exactly look like the classiest piece of kit on the market but, despite its cheap appearance, we had no issues with its build quality. Although entirely plastic, the phone's casing is solid enough, and it feels unlikely to fall apart after a few accidental drops.

The B3310 features an on-board music player, but forces you to use the headphones that come bundled with the handset -- with no 3.5mm socket, using your own pair is out of the question. Unsurprisingly, the bundled set aren't particularly comfortable and don't sound great, which seriously hampers the B3310's capability as a music phone

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