First, Samsung gave us a hatch door on its nifty AddWash washing machine so you can pop in stray socks and undies in the middle of a cleaning cycle. Now, the Korean electronics giant wants to let its European customers add forgotten items during drying.

The Samsung AddWash Combo has the same second, smaller door built into the front-facing main door as the original AddWash, but the Combo dries clothes, too. Samsung debuted the washer-dryer combination here at the IFA trade show in Berlin Thursday.

The AddWash Combo's price starts at about 800 euros (roughly $890, £670 and AU$1,185). The appliance, along with a slimmed-down version of the AddWash, will begin to appear in stores across Europe next week, but will not be available in the US because of low demand for washer-dryers.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Samsung has previously said people reported in surveys that they regularly forget to add some of their clothes to the washer, but they are uncomfortable completely stopping a wash cycle to add the wayward items that didn't make it in with the original load.

With the AddWash, you pause the cleaning cycle and push the hatch door to open it. Since you're still stopping the washing machine (albeit using a smaller door to load stray pieces), we were doubtful of how necessary the AddWash's door-in-a-door really is when we reviewed it in July.