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The Good Decent, fast interface. Sleek slimline look. Tres cheap.

The Bad Buttons must be pressed hard. Messaging quirks. Low-res screen.

The Bottom Line With decent buttons, it could have been a contender for your next budget buy. As it is, we have to pass.

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6.0 Overall

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Poor old Sagem phones haven't fared too well in the review stakes. Last month, the my411X scored a startling three out of 10 due to dismal call reception. The previous two models from the French manufacturer -- the my401c and the my400v -- were slapped with a 6.9 and a 4.2 respectively.

The scorecard's not looking crash-hot, but Sagem reckons it's onto a winner with its Vodafone-only my511x, which is being marketed with the tagline "Object of desire". Let's see.

The my511x is a slimline black candy-bar, with silver trim around the edges for a bit of flair. Size-wise it's almost identical to Sony Ericsson's W890i, but we're sad to say that's where the similarities end. At 128 by 160 pixels, the 511's display is noticeably blocky, with curves in the menu icons and wallpaper appearing jagged. On the plus side, the menu is well designed, with none of the hidden settings or confusing structures found in a few of Motorola's handsets.

The Sagem handset's overall look is similar to the company's own my411x, but more utilitarian and less friendly. We'd call it the Darth Vader to the 411's Skywalker, were we to shoehorn in a Star Wars reference.

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