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Sagem my300C review: Sagem my300C

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Audio quality during calls was clear and only a little muffled. The loudspeaker, called 'amplified mode', was a little quiet for use as a hands-free kit in loud environments, but it sounded okay in a quiet room.

Picture quality from the my300C's VGA camera was very blurry and distorted. If you're looking for a good camera phone, this isn't it, but if you just want to take very small pictures to send to friends in MMS messages it's okay, just don't expect very clear shots.

Battery life is quoted at 210 minutes talk time and 250 hours on standby. Given how few features are available on the my300C, we found we didn't play with it that much and therefore the battery lasted over two days without needing to recharge it.

The my300C is a cute clamshell handset that comes in at the bargain price of £40. Okay, so you don't get a great camera, a music player or much on-board memory, but if all you really need is a phone to stay in touch with your mates and family, it serves its purpose. It doesn't look bad either, considering how cheap it is.

Other cheap and cheerful options include the LG KP202 and the O2 Jet, which doesn't have a camera or music player but boasts outstanding battery life.

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