LG KP202 review: LG KP202

The Good Low price; easy to use; good call quality; decent battery life.

The Bad Texting could be better; useless camera; low-resolution screen.

The Bottom Line The KP202 has a pleasing design and boasts good call quality as well as decent battery life. It lacks headline features, but you can't really expect flash extras for such a low price. On the whole it's a good performer for the money, but heavy texters might be better off checking out budget models from Nokia or Sony Ericsson instead

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6.5 Overall

LG doesn't just make posh fashion phones for multi-millionaires, it also deigns to make budget handsets for the great unwashed. Take this bargain-basement clamshell phone, for example -- the KP202 may have a cut-down features set, but it boasts a rock-bottom price tag of just £35 if you buy it on pay as you go from Orange.

For such a cheap handset, the KP202 feels surprisingly well built. The screen closes with a satisfying clunk and the buttons feel very solid. It's not a bad looker either. The sober grey and black colour scheme looks more stylish than you have any right to expect at this price and its slim frame only adds to the appeal. When closed it's just 20mm thick and as it tips the scales at a mere 80g you hardly notice it when you drop it in your pocket.

Call quality is good with both outgoing and incoming calls sounding crisp and clear, and the speakerphone mode also works very well. In the box you'll find a wired mono headset that you can use for handsfree calling if the speakerphone isn't to your taste. The KP202 is none too shabby when it comes to battery life, either. We got around four days of relatively heavy use out of it before it needed to be topped up with juice.

The menu system is clearly laid out and easy to navigate using the four-way direction pad. If you've used a recent handset from the likes of Nokia you certainly won't have any problems adjusting to the LG's menus.

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