Ring's Video Doorbell 2 comes with a removable, rechargeable battery.


Smart doorbell and outdoor security camera maker, Ring, is back with a new buzzer, the $199 Ring Video Doorbell 2 (about £155 or AU$299, converted). While this model is technically an updated version of the original Video Doorbell, Ring's first-generation buzzer will continue to sell at the reduced price of $179, £140 or AU$235. 

Comparing Ring's Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Ring Video Doorbell
Price $199, £155 or AU$299 $249, £195 or AU$325 $179, £140 or AU$235
Color finish Satin nickel, venetian (both finishes included with purchase) Satin nickel, venetian, satin black, pearl white (all finishes included with purchase) Satin nickel, polished brass, venetian bronze, antique brass
Power source Hardwired or removable, rechargeable battery Hardwired Hardwired or rechargeable battery
Resolution 1,920x1,080-pixel HD 1,920x1,080-pixel HD 1,280x720-pixel HD
Field of view 160 degrees 160 degrees 180 degrees
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes
Cloud storage Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month. Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month. Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month.
Mobile app Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month. Android and iPhone Android and iPhone
Web app Yes Yes Yes
Night vision Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Motion Motion Motion
Activity zones Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 5.1x2.5x1.1 inches 4.5x1.9x0.8 inches 5x2.4x0.9 inches
Third-party integrations IFTTT; Wink IFTTT; Wink IFTTT; Wink
Operating temperature range -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C) -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C) -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C)

Compared to its predecessor, the Video Doorbell 2 has a slightly reduced 160-degree field of view, but an improved 1080p high-definition resolution. The main upgrade is its removable, rechargeable battery -- the older model's built-in battery forced you to remove the entire doorbell every time you needed to charge it. Both interchangeable satin nickel and venetian (aged bronze) face plates are included with your purchase, too. 

Ring also sells a premium doorbell, the Video Doorbell Pro, which costs $249 and converts to about £195 or AU$325. Like the Video Doorbell 2, the Pro has a 160-degree field of view and 1080p HD video. The Pro's small size and hardwired-only installation differentiates it from the larger, hardwired or battery-powered Video Doorbell 2. 

In fact, the new Video Doorbell 2 is slightly larger than the original Video Doorbell. That means you may have to find a different installation spot than your doorframe. 

All three Video Doorbell models integrate with IFTTT and the smart home platform, Wink, so you can create advanced automations (if you want). 

You do have to pay for cloud video storage to review past events, though. With cloud storage, if unexpected motion activity happens, Ring's remote servers save a short clip of the action for your later review. This feature is particularly helpful if you're concerned about break-ins and want to be able to see who comes to your front door on a regular basis. Ring's fees for this feature start at $3 per month. That isn't a ridiculous price, but its competitor, SkyBell offers free cloud storage. 

The $199 Ring Video Doorbell 2 is available for purchase now on Ring.com. We're tracking down a review unit, so expect a review in short order. 

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