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Ring to make battery and solar-powered spotlight security cameras

The Ring Spotlight Cam, which starts at $199, will also come in a wired version.

The Ring Spotlight Cam starts at $199. It will record footage outside your home, and the lights will come on when the product detects motion.


Ring, the start-up behind the doorbell camera of the same name, has added an outdoor light/camera hybrid with multiple power options to its roster of Wi-Fi connected home security devices. The Ring Spotlight Cams will start at $199 and will be available in three versions: wired, battery-powered and solar-powered. You can preorder them in the US and Canada today, but only the wired version will ship in the next seven to 10 days; the battery- and solar-powered version won't ship until the fall.

All versions of the Spotlight Cams have built-in LED light panels that turn on when they detect motion, a 1080p HD camera and two-way audio so you can hear what's going on in front of your camera and can talk to whomever's nearby. The cameras have a 140-degree field of view. The solar-powered cam comes with a Ring Solar Panel to keep the battery pack charged.

The company said the Spotlight Cams, especially the battery and solar powered versions, will help owners add more outdoor cameras to their home security setup either or not you have the proper electrical setup. But the non-wired versions of the Spotlight Cams will cost you more: The solar option is $229, and you'll have to pay another $29 if you want an extra battery for the $199 battery-only version. However, the Spotlight Cam is still cheaper than Ring's Floodlight Cam, a similar hardwired light/camera combo that's $249.

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