​Ring lets you wiggle your finger to do stuff on your phone and home (hands-on)

Control your home with a Ring: take a look at another take on finger tech.

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Scott Stein

Ring: a plastic Bluetooth ring that lets you turn on lights, or other things. Scott Stein/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Waggle your finger in the air, turn off the lights. Squiggle a shape, tweet a photo. If you've ever fantasized about controlling your life with your magic finger, the Ring is here. Actually, the Ring already arrived back in October, off a Kickstarter campaign. That metal version is sold out, but a new and improved black plastic model is coming this March, for an undetermined price that will, according to Logbar, probably be close to $130.

Scott Stein/CNET

The Ring works via an app that allows up to 23 gestures and assigns them to tasks on your phone. An upcoming hub will also interface with home appliances and devices over infrared, and Logbar already claims that the Ring can work via WeMo in smart-home setups.

The Ring comes in a variety of sizes, and has motion sensors inside plus a small button, like an air mouse. There have been a lot of rings like these popping up on crowdfunding sites. Can the Ring win? At CES, we'll never know.

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