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RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110 review: RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110

The Good GPS; built-in 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Bad Nearly identical to other Pearl models.

The Bottom Line Compared to the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and 8120, the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110 boasts a very useful GPS feature. If you're addicted to BlackBerry handsets and need a sat-nav, then it's definitely worth having a look at this model -- but don't expect anything different in the design department compared to the original Pearl

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8.3 Overall

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In 2006, the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8100 premiered as the first small BlackBerry handset. Its successor, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120, added features like a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi to the equation. Now, the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 puts GPS in place of Wi-Fi, making it easier to navigate your way around the UK. Does this new Pearl find its way with sat-nav or just get lost among its siblings?

The RIM BlackBerry 8110 is available on T-Mobile and Vodafone for free on a monthly contact.

Aesthetically, you'll be hard-pressed to pick the 8110 out of a Pearl design line up. Coloured in blue, black or pink, it's identical to the original Pearl 8100, so business users looking for a slim phone won't be in for any cosmetic shocks.

Adding onboard GPS functionality to an already good phone is a great idea and it's what makes this particular model interesting. Unlike the Pearl 8100 or 8120 with Wi-Fi, you can use this phone as a fully-fledged satellite navigation device while driving or walking.

We tested it out using Telmap Navigator on Vodafone and TeleNav 5.1 on T-Mobile and found it picked up satellites quickly. We found having GPS to be a really useful feature, particularly when we were lost in town.

The loudspeaker was loud enough to hear instructions clearly and if you needed to, you could always plug your headphones straight into the 3.5mm headphone jack. In terms of other features, it's similar to the BlackBerry 8120 -- minus Wi-Fi.

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