Ricoh, despite already making one of the easiest to use 360-degree cameras, the $350 Theta S, has decided to simplify it more with the new Ricoh Theta SC.

The SC has much in common with the top-of-the-line Theta S. So much so, it's easier for me to tell you what's missing and then you can go check out CNET's full review of the Theta S. According to a company representative I spoke with, Ricoh basically dropped two features for the SC, based on consumer research. First, the SC has a continuous recording time of 5 minutes, compared to 25 minutes with the Theta S.

Second, Ricoh removed the Micro-HDMI port for the SC, and with it the camera's ability to live stream. Frankly, though nice to have, using the Theta S for live streaming is sort of a pain. It's understandable that feature got the ax in exchange for a lower price.

One more minor difference: Instead of the soft-touch exterior of the Theta S, the SC is resin. It still comes in multiple colors, though: white, beige, blue and pink.


Ricoh's Theta SC is a 360-degree camera for everyone.


Ricoh updated its Theta S iOS and Android apps for controlling the camera, too, mainly making the interface more intuitive for less tech-savvy users. (I mean, look how happy those people in the picture are to be using it!)

The Ricoh Theta SC is available in the US now for $300. UK and Australian details weren't available, but that's approximately AU$400 or £250.