Rhapsody SongMatch for Android review: Like Shazam, but with fewer features

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The Good Rhapsody SongMatch identifies songs accurately and offers extra functionality for Rhapsody subscribers.

The Bad Unlike some of its competitors, SongMatch doesn't offer valuable extras like social sharing, concert info, and YouTube videos.

The Bottom Line SongMatch is an excellent download for existing Rhapsody subscribers. For others, SoundHound or Shazam would be better options.


8.7 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 7
  • Interface 10
  • Performance 9

Popular on-demand streaming music service Rhapsody has entered the name-that-tune arena with its newest release Rhapsody SongMatch. Similar to competitors SoundHound and Shazam, Rhapsody SongMatch "listens" to music through your mobile device's microphone and uses the Gracenote database to identify song titles and artist names on command. In addition, the app shows artist bios, albums, top songs by artists, and similar artists.

These types of song-identifying apps are about as simple as they come, and Rhapsody's offering is no exception. When you hear an interesting song on the radio or in a club or anywhere else, simply fire up SongMatch, and tap the big red button in the center of the screen. Next, hold up your device to the music source for a few seconds and wait as the app searches its database of 16 million tracks. The proximity required for a proper reading will vary according to your device's mic sensitivity and the volume of the music source. The app typically "listens" for 6 to 7 seconds before processing the input, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to hold your device up to the music source for that long. I've seen the app successfully identify songs with only 3 to 4 seconds of input. That said, the app is not always on the money. For the most part, Rhapsody SongMatch gets it right, but when trying to identify obscure hits, remixes, or covers by other artists, it will make its share of mistakes.

Rhapsody SongMatch conveniently keeps a running list of songs you've identified. If you have an existing Rhapsody subscription, you can set SongMatch to automatically copy this list to a playlist on your account. If you're not a subscriber, then SongMatch will give you the option to become one.

If you're looking for a free app to help you name those tunes, then Rhapsody SongMatch is a good choice, since it offers a nice list of artist and track info with each identified song. If you're already a Rhapsody subscriber, then it's even better because it can sync tracks to a playlist on your account. All that said, it is missing a few features that its competitors have. Shazam and SoundHound offer social sharing features, What's Hot lists, and extras like concert info and YouTube videos, all of which many users find valuable.

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