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Revo Blik RadioStation review: Revo Blik RadioStation

The Good Combines three types of radio; streams music from a PC or Mac; small, lightweight design; simple setup.

The Bad Audio quality isn't as impressive as some systems.

The Bottom Line Managing to combine DAB, FM and Internet radio in an attractive, compact and above all affordable package is no mean feat, but Revo has pulled it off with the Blik RadioStation. While the sound quality might not match the finest systems DAB has to offer, we feel most people will be more than happy with it

8.3 Overall

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There have been plenty of DAB/FM and Internet/FM combinations, but never a single product that delivers the ultimate triple whammy of DAB, FM and Internet. This dream is a reality with Revo's introduction of the multi-talented Blik RadioStation.

The Blik is lightweight and compact, with a housebrick- sized footprint, so finding a spot for it on a bookshelf, worktop or desk won't be too difficult. It's also finished in rather natty matte black, which sets it aside from the usual boxy wood-finished DAB efforts. A white version is also available.

There's built-in Wi-Fi, so hooking it up to your home network is simply a matter of keying in the WEP or WPA key using the credit card-sized remote. The remote's buttons can be unresponsive and fiddly, so the fact that you only need to do this once is quite a relief.

Once you're connected, you can access over 9,000 Web radio stations from all over the planet. As with most devices of this type, the Blik groups them into genre and country to make browsing the list less daunting. If you get bored of these, you can also stream MP3, AAC, WAV, RealMedia, AIFF, AU and WMA music from a Windows PC or Mac.

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