Razer Tron Mouse and Mat review: Razer Tron Mouse and Mat Bundle

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The Good Mouse mat trails are ingenious. Still manages to include all the Razer mouse config trimmings despite being a movie tie-in.

The Bad Annoying sound every time you start up or plug the mouse in can't be turned off. Floaty feel, isn't as accurate as other gaming mice.

The Bottom Line We admire Razer for the lengths it's gone to in making this more than just a cash in, it's a proper tribute. Unless you're in it for the prettiness though, we'd recommend another mouse for serious gamers.

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7.0 Overall

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It's a bit weird to be reviewing a tie-in product after the hype has died down. Or perhaps sane, ensuring you never actually get caught up in the PR excitement machine.

Razer's Tron kit does its best to be part of the Tron mythos, with blue-on-black angular designs used both on the packaging and the product itself.

The first sign of gimmickry comes when you plug the mouse in, lights race around the device and it makes a sound. There's no way to turn the thing off either, meaning every time you restart your machine you're hit with the effect. Yes, it's authentic, but it's low quality audio and screams "cheap toy".

Not that the Tron set is, at AU$179.95. This is rather exorbitant, even if it does come with a mouse mat with rubberised desk grip that glows in the dark.

OK, the last bit is cool. Made doubly so by the fact that Razer shines an intense light at the bottom of the mouse down on to the pad, causing a light trail to follow the mouse, mimicking light bikes. It's impressive at first, but it takes a while to fade, and if you don't like your mouse pad to look like a toddler scribbled all over it then it may not be for you. Buy the mouse by itself, and it'll set you back AU$119.95.

The lights along the top of the mouse look great in the dark, but somewhat lacking in the light. On its site, Razer claims that "light effects [are] triggered by your in-game actions", but it's not the case: they simply stay on all the time. You can turn them off if you like in three separate zones: the scroll wheel, the side strips and the light pointing at the mouse mat.

Tron mouse control panel

Even the driver software gets in on the Tron-theme action. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

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