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Razer Lachesis (5600dpi) review: Razer Lachesis (5600dpi)

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The Good Comfortable ambidextrous grip. Buttons are well placed. Customisable lights.

The Bad Profile switcher button is on the bottom of the mouse.

The Bottom Line If you need an ambi mouse, the Lachesis should be on your list of rodents to check out.

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9.0 Overall

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The world of gaming mice is highly biased towards right handers. There are a few ambidextrous muridae out there, including one of our favourites, the Steel Series' Xai.

If there's one company that's been known to cater for southpaw, though, it's Razer; a company that seems to make a point of being as ambi as possible.

Its Lachesis — named for a snake, which in turn was named after an agent of fate — is longer than the typical ambi mouse, the effect being that there's really only one way to hold it: with your palm resting on the mouse mat. Thankfully, the mouse is incredibly comfortable, moulded in a way that the grip shouldn't present itself as an issue.

It's quite understated by gamer mouse standards. Encased in the usual rubberised black plastic that Razer adores, bling is minimal, restricted to a "breathing" blue Razer LED on the hump of the mouse, and racing lines down either side of the scroll wheel. There are two buttons under the scroll wheel that adjust DPI on the fly by default (the levels of which can be customised in software), and the browser back/forward buttons are featured on both sides of the mouse for your comfort, whether you're right or left handed. The entire top of the mouse is moulded out of one piece, the left and right buttons separated by the scroll wheel. It's elegant, and it works well, the only fly in the ointment being the profile-switcher button, which is inconveniently placed under the mouse.

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