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Razer DeathAdder review: Razer DeathAdder

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MSRP: $59.99

The Good Same old classic DeathAdder performance.

The Bad Only 16 entries per macro. Shape will be too wide for some. Puts a large stress on your wrist and pinkie finger.

The Bottom Line The DeathAdder is truly a classic, one that some hardcore players will never walk away from. Razer's software needs an update, however, to bring it into the current age, and if you have wrist problems you may wish to look for a smaller mouse.

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7.5 Overall

If you exclude the resurrection of the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, Razer's DeathAdder has to be the longest-serving gaming mouse on the market, with technology upgrades coming along every few years to keep things fresh.

The latest update has that same-old DeathAdder feel: the classic glowing scroll wheel and breathing Razer logo; the wide shape that feels a tiny bit boat-ish; and, thanks to its 3.5G laser, lovely performance. While most mice feel like they've been trimmed down in size in recent years for more nimble movements, the DeathAdder relishes in its extra width, demanding a different style of play. This is a mouse for those who like to keep their palm firmly on the desk or mat, don't mind stressing their pinkie and don't lift that often.

The usual gaming mouse options are here: customisable buttons, separate X/Y axis sensitivity, USB polling rate manipulation, and DPI switching up to 3500DPI. The DeathAdder also supports up to five separate profiles, and you can apply macros to each mouse button.

Sadly, the DeathAdder hasn't aged well with macros, being limited to 16 events just like the Abyssus and the Imperator. Sure, the DeathAdder isn't the halo product it once was — that mantle is reserved for the Mamba — but surely Razer could give the old king's crown a bit of a polish.

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