Q Acoustics 2000 Cinema Package review: Q Acoustics 2000 Cinema Package

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The Good Cohesive surround sound. Versatile subwoofer. Performs with both movies and music.

The Bad Best partnered with a capable AV receiver/amplification. Remote for the sub would have been handy.

The Bottom Line The Q Acoustics 2000 Cinema Package is a 5.1 speaker pack that boasts an excellent build, great sound and a reasonable price tag.

9.0 Overall

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After the demise and subsequent rebirth of Mission loudspeakers, some of its UK staff fancied remaining in the motherland and not upping sticks to Mission's new owner, the Chinese-based IAG. The result was a new company and brand called Q Acoustics and in the short four years since conception, it's achieved hi-fi and AV gold right from the word "go".

We last looked at its innovative Q-TV2; a bolt-on 2.1-channel speaker system for flat panel TVs, and now it’s the turn of the more conventional 2000 Cinema Package — a compact 5.1-channel AV speaker system.

Design and features

Four identical bookshelf speakers, the 2010s, a single 2000C centre speaker and 2070S active subwoofer make up the package, plus there are optional stands and wall brackets available for different mounting positions. Four finishes are available — walnut and graphite black or high gloss white or black options which add AU$200 to the price. Our system came in the shiny white and visually the 2000s look super sleek. Construction and finish are both excellent.

The 2010 and 2000C all use the same 100mm bass drivers and 25mm tweeter, while the slimline 2070S subwoofer contains several fancy features. It's "digital" insomuch as the 140 Watts of on-board power are Class D driving twin 170mm woofers and it employs Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to sonically match it to the partnering speakers. An array of switches on the back panel of the sub allows different operating modes, includes a choice of "Ported" versus "Sealed" for the mains — we chose the former as it suits the 2010s. "Music" and "Movie" modes also alter bass performance, with the latter setting said to offer a bit more grunt for those big dynamic movie moments.