Digital radio specialist Pure has announced its first portable model, the Pure Move 2500, which offers up to 14 hours of listening on one charge.

The radio features both DAB+ and FM reception, and so is suitable for use in metropolitan and country areas, and is able to store up to 20 stations in total for quick access to your favourites on its orange backlit LCD screen.

The unit comes with a pair of noise-isolating headphones, which also act as an antenna — the rival iRiver B30 has a fiddly external antenna — and the headphones have a choice of silicon tips.

The Move is quite compact at 102mmx56mmx15mm, and weighs the same as the iPod touch, at 105g.

Unlike some competitors, the radio comes with both a USB charger and a mains plug. The Pure Move 2500 will be available in late September 2011 for AU$199.